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Article: 11 Cool Female Owned Vegan Stores Around The World

11 Cool Female Owned Vegan Stores Around The World

11 Cool Female Owned Vegan Stores Around The World

It is no secret that the world is moving towards plant-based products.Many activists are raising their voice against the cruelty that animals go through and trying to save them.

Today's women are superwomen, they are rising in every color. They have come up in every front for the welfare of animals.

Many businesswomen have taken the initiative for the same. Infact, most of the current leading vegan businesses have been founded and are run by female entrepreneurs. Their ownership is indeed quite brilliant and a great marvel for the long run. 

They have begun developing plant-based companies selling food items, cosmetics, clothes, and many more. 

Most of the owners of these startups are female, and they have truly set the bar for successful female-owned businesses. Moreover, it has been a delight to watch so many capable female businesswomen rise and take charge of this growing veganism trend.

There is absolutely no doubt that veganism is among the fastest-growing movements in the world. Furthermore, the milk industry is suffering due to the usage of almonds, soy, and oat. The leather manufacturers are indeed fed up with the plan based alternatives. 

Moreover, they have also tried to ban the word 'vegan leather.' You can also quickly get a vegan burger at any fast food joint, even McDonald's and Burger King. Thus, it is necessary to know some vital vegan companies owned by female businesswomen, to understand the situation's gravity.

Some cool women-led vegan businesses

1. Miyoko's: There is no denying that she is the queen of vegan cheese. Her cheese company has multiplied over the past few years. Her cheese wheels are classic, and even though they're plant-based, it is admired by so many people due to its fantastic taste. Although her cheese wheels are the main product, the vegan butter and spreadable cheeses are quickly becoming fan favorites.



2. Hera the Dog: As far as alcohol is concerned, vodka is the most popular drink among the world's people. Hera the Dog is yet another vodka brand that is 100% vegan and owned by Julia and Alli. The exciting part about this brand is that the owners donate $1 to animal rescue for every bottle sold. It's been barely a year, and they have already donated thousands for the welfare of animals.

Hera the Dog


3. LA ENVIRO: LA ENVIRO is a small business based in Perth, founded by Jasmine Meelu. It’s aim is to protect animals from Leather industry and offer high quality products, that too without harming animals and our planet. They also donate 10% of their sales to the charity.

As the name suggests, they follow cruelty-free practices and have stylish collections of non-leather luxury vegan watches, wallets and crossbody bags. They use Pinatex, the pineapple leather which is durable natural fibre crafted from pineapple leaves by farmers.


4. Immaculate Vegan: As the name suggests, Immaculate Vegan's stock is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, founded by Annick Ireland. They have all kinds of fashion products to satisfy your needs and genuinely have some super chic options for merchandise. However, this store's not animal-friendly, but also human-friendly! 

All the brands on Immaculate Vegan's stock are positively working towards sustainable supply chains and product packaging on the planet. Moreover, the owners themselves are animal activists and, more importantly, believers of the UN's sustainable development campaign. These factors genuinely indicate that Immaculate Vegan is a revolutionary company for the whole veganism movement.

Immaculate Vegan


5.Three Trees Organics: Back in 2012, mom and entrepreneur Jenny wondered how to contribute to the veganism movement in her kitchen. She was jotting down ideas about premium flavored plant-based milk for the masses. As quickly as she got these ideas, she started producing the same vegan milk. These started selling rapidly in the city of San Francisco. Slowly but steadily, her hard work took off. Jenny's homemade almond, pistachio, and black sesame milk hit the popularity chart. Now, her products are famous among supermarkets all over the USA.

Three Trees Organics


6. Lagusta's Luscious: Founded by Lagusta back in 2003, Lagusta's Luscious is genuinely the best and most premium chocolaterie in the world. The unique and mind-blowing combinations of flavors in their chocolates will blow your mind! Although they are based in NY, the company ships all over the world. Additionally, this company's most significant selling point is that it uses 100% plant-based ingredients in its chocolates. Lagusta's Luscious is a 100% vegan company committed to 'sustainability without sacrifice’.

Lagusta's Luscious


7. Lip Love: Founded by Latrice Love, 'Lip Love' is a 100% plant-based skincare company, mainly focusing on the lips as suggested in the name. They craft some of the most unique and multi-purpose skincare products which are suitable for any skin type. Moreover, Lip Love is dedicated to empowering women and girls through vegan, non-toxic beauty products. They promote their skincare products as a form of self-love and self-care, which is truly noble. Furthermore, the founder of the company is a huge animal activist. She even donates to animal care and rescue regularly.

Lip Love


8. MooShoes: If you're looking for a perfect pair of vegan kicks or heels, there is no better place to suggest apart from MooShoes. It was founded in 2001 by sisters Erica and Sara Kubersky. They have been running it ever since, and it has indeed risen to prominence among shoe lovers. Moreover, the fact that their products are 100% plant-based attracts more customers. With two prominent outlets in New York and Los Angeles, MooShoes are extremely popular and have affordable shipping all over the USA.



9. Vaute Couture: This is the best brand for vegan high fashion founded by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart. Their products range from coats to jackets, which keep you warm and fabulous and aesthetic. has mentioned that Vaute is 'proving that animal-free clothes can be cute, chic, and sexy.' 

Vaute Couture


10. Osea: Osea was founded 22 years ago by Jenefer Palmer. It produces vegan skincare products free of toxic products and synthetic ingredients. They make sure that the skin can look beautiful, and they do so by using plants' power. This company truly believes in animal rights and has been fighting for them for a long time. Thus, we highly recommend this line of skincare products for everyone.



11. Big Mountain Foods: This particular vegan food brand has been around for a long time since 1987. However, Big Mountain Foods has gained popularity in the past few years. People all over the USA admire their entirely plant-based and delicious food items. Their products are also extremely healthy, so you don't have to worry about calories.

Big Mountain Foods


Female-led businesses don’t get the same amount of consideration as male-led businesses in today’s world. The removal of Chef Chloe Coscarelli from her name-sake restaurant ‘By Chloe’ is a great example of this. Thus, it is truly outstanding that the vegan world is full of so many successful businesswomen developing their empire rapidly. These women-owned vegan companies are changing the game with compassionate, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products, and we couldn’t be more excited to support them along the way. 

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