I made your bag - Worker with sign
  • LA ENVIRO stands for LA (The) + ENVIRO (Environment).
  • LA ENVIRO is a vegan brand, therefore, there are no animal products used in production.
  • We diligently visit our suppliers and build strong personal relationships with the owners and workers; they too are a part of the LA ENVIRO family. This involvement in the making of our vegan accessories ensures integrity every step of the way.
  • Time and effort that goes into designing and creating one product is anything but minuscule. We construct a handbag by delicately stitching it piece by piece. We spend about three months to design a new product and another three for sampling. We test all our products for at least a month to observe the versatility and performance. As a result, our products are  a premium modern take on the classics and reach designer quality.
  • Our products are a refined result of delicate detailing for months, careful creation and marvelous craftsmanship by skilled artisans and reliable suppliers in India & China. With their expertise and hard work, our products achieve the perfect look, luxury feel and designer quality.