The VisionPETA Approved Vegan Logo

LA ENVIRO—the very name is dedicated to the environment. We endeavor to maintain the balance in nature as we create fashion with minimal damage and depletion to nature in the process.

As a business, we envision a world that is animal cruelty-free, whilst creating stunning and lasting designs using sustainable materials. LA ENVIRO uses exquisite vegan leather for all products with lining material primarily made from recycled plastic bottles. Our artisans craft each piece with their hands, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and beautifully finished products. 

                            The Mission

In a world where haute couture is accessible to more people than ever, the environment is easily ignored when it comes to fashion. Our PETA approved, vegan, and sustainable products create a fresh and honest mindset that we are extremely passionate about.

Our mission is to be kind and giving in everything we do; from how we procure the raw materials, to following the highest ethics when doing business with our customers, distributors, suppliers, employees, craftsmen, and the communities that we work so closely with. We make fashion with compassion and contribute over 10% of total sales to various charities all around the world.