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Jasmine's Vision: Reshaping Fashion and Compassion

Jasmine, an IT Graduate and a devoted mother, shares a deep understanding of the profound bond between mothers and their offspring, whether in the human or animal kingdom. This empathy ignited a mission, not just to confront but to reshape the impact of the leather industry.

Unveiling the Leather Industry's Hidden Toll

The leather industry's hidden toll came to light, debunking the common perception of cow leather as natural and eco-friendly. The startling revelation emerged from the 2017 Pulse of Fashion Industry Report: animal-based fibers, particularly cow leather, ranked among the worst offenders in fashion's environmental impact.

From Crisis to Turning Point

From the heart of the "Leather City of the World," Kanpur, India, over 10,000 tanneries discharged more than 22 tons of waste daily into the Ganges River, exposing the depth of this environmental crisis. The fashion cycle of overproduction and waste perpetuated the problem, pushing us closer to a breaking point.

Birth of LA ENVIRO: A Visionary Alternative

In 2019, in response to these alarming findings, Jasmine Meelu founded LA ENVIRO in Perth, Australia. Fueled by the desire to reshape fashion's trajectory, Jasmine introduced a visionary alternative to leather - a testament to compassion and responsibility.

Vegan Leather: A Conscientious Choice

Vegan Leather emerged as the answer. Crafted from Polyurethane (PU), it stands as a more conscientious choice, significantly reducing the harm caused by traditional leather production. LA ENVIRO's Vegan Leather embodies style, quality, and environmental stewardship in one harmonious solution.

Transforming Industries with Conscious Choices

With each product, LA ENVIRO demonstrates that conscious choices can transform entire industries. From wallets to accessories, our creations echo a fundamental truth: fashion doesn't have to come at the expense of our planet. Recognizing a broken system, Jasmine Meelu chose to be a catalyst for change, giving rise to LA ENVIRO as a beacon of innovation, compassion, and sustainability.

Fashion Revolution: Join the Journey

Our commitment runs deep to steer fashion in a more responsible direction, addressing the environmental strain caused by the leather industry. We invite you to embrace our vision and become part of this evolving journey.

Fashion with Purpose: Your Statement

LA ENVIRO's PETA-approved vegan accessories symbolize compassionate fashion. Your style choices carry weight; our creations provide an opportunity to align your values with your wardrobe.

Choose LA ENVIRO: Your Stand Against Impact

Amidst changing trends, LA ENVIRO signifies your commitment to change. Opting for our PETA-approved vegan accessories reflects your stance against the leather industry's environmental impact.

Sustaining Change: Beyond Products

LA ENVIRO is more than just products; it's a movement. Our sustainable ethos resonates in our materials and partnerships. Over 10% of our sales support global charities. Choosing us isn't just making a style statement; it's contributing to a more compassionate world.

Join the Revolution: Be the Change

In a world yearning for transformation, LA ENVIRO invites you to take the lead. Choose fashion that empowers, redefines norms, and champions a brighter future. Your decision, driven by purpose and technology, fuels a better tomorrow.