Vegan Watches for Men—Style that Cares

Men’s wrist watches are not just time-telling devices anymore. They have become an essential accessory. Among a very few things that define a man’s image, wrist watches have reserved an important place. Vegan watches for men, to make things even finer, reflect the personality of the bearer. In contrast to highlighting that a person is vegan, strapping on a timeless device that’s vegan shows your concern and responsibility towards the environment and nature. 

Vegan Watches for Men and Unawareness 

Wrist watches are incomplete without a complementing strap. More than half a century ago leather straps came into fashion pertaining to various reasons such as durability, beauty, and ease of crafting. 

More than 5 decades down the line, these traits have been attained by other non-cruel materials but leather watches are still being sold majorly because of the unawareness of the buyer.

Vegan watches simply mean that no animal product is used in the manufacturing of these watches, mostly straps. Various types of straps, ranging from metal bracelets to faux leather vegan watch straps are readily available in the market. In most cases they are more durable than the leather itself. 

Why should you Care about Vegan Watches?

The leather industry is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emission on the planet. Carbon emitted right from the breeding of the animals till the time leather is processed is big enough to disturb the ecological balance. This concept is known as a carbon footprint.


Cruelty towards animals is another factor that must contribute to your consideration. The cruelty is not just in killing but inbreeding as well. There is a lot that the leather industry doesn’t tell us. Wearing a dead animal on your hand who was bred in cruel conditions and killed brutally for your beautification isn’t such a great decision. Everyone owns a responsibility towards the environment and our generations to come.

Wearing a watch with a vegan watch strap on your wrist shows that you are a responsible being who actually cares for all small things that matter big in the long run.

Alternatives to Leather

Alternatives to Leather

Leather still has its classic appeal, but just for looks. With a faux leather watch (a vegan watch strap that looks and feels exactly like a leather strap), you can still get the classic appeal in your wrist watch. A wide range of faux leather watches are available from which you can choose. 

Your Small Gestures Make a Big Difference

It's needless to say that your asking for faux leather watches and vegan strap watches instead of leather alternatives will substantially change the patterns of stocking and productions of the industry. Your small gesture will make a huge difference in saving the world for us and our generations to come.

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