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Article: 10 Best Vegan Food Products for 2021

Best Vegan Food Products for 2021
Vegan Food

10 Best Vegan Food Products for 2021

Ever thought why veganism is important for the planet? What are some aspects that are urging people to opt for a plant-based diet? 

There is a reason for the growth of veganism all over the world. Nowadays , individuals are realizing the importance of living a more sustainable life. Moreover, they are finding ways to save the lives of innocent ones .

We all know the health benefits of consuming plant-based products are immense. They indeed assist in eliminating numerous health risks. There have been multiple instances where people have recovered from ongoing health issues by converting to veganism. Thus, it is incredibly advantageous for everyone in the world.

As the vegan movement grows worldwide, millions of food products are also now available for the simple purpose of replacing meat. With the global pandemic at its closing stage and the start of a new year, new enterprises have begun to market their plant-based products to the public.

 Even if you don't want to commit 100%, there are numerous food products out there to help you. Enjoy your favorite meals like pizza and steaks without actually harming any animals. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Some of the most exciting vegan food products

If you've been thinking about going vegan but have yet to commit, now's your time to shine. 2021 is about to get lit up with exciting vegan developments.

Beyond Meat: One of the first companies that urged people to convert to veganism. They guaranteed that their products are a perfect replacement for actual meat even though they are 100% plant-based. It has made a significant impact on the vegan movement ever since its launch in 2009. Ever since 2021 has begun, they have introduced numerous new products that are incredibly creative yet vegan. The LA-based company focuses on creating vegan-meat products like burger patties, sausages, ground beef, and more, using plant-based "protein, fat, minerals, carbohydrates," and water to make their faux-meats. All the components are plant-based, and they come together to form a perfect replacement for conventional meat.

Beyond Meat


Oatly Oat Milk: In veganism, milk is a no-go. Thus, people came up with almond milk and soy milk, which are plant-based. However, both of these are bad for the environment. So oat milk is the next vegan-friendly dairy alternative, and it looks like it's going to be around for a while. It tastes good, has the same fluidity as cow milk, is silky and creamy.

  • Most importantly, it is much better for the environment, requiring much less water than almond milk. It also produces less greenhouse gases during production. Oatly is indeed one of the best brands for oat milk. It is approved by most baristas in the USA and recommended for everyone willing to switch to plant-based.
Oatly Oat Milk


Miyoko's Cheese: A common refrain you'll hear from people is that "I'll never give up cheese." With Miyoko's, you'll never have to. Since cheese is the favorite animal-based component for most people out there, we indeed required a vegan replacement. With Miyoko's cheese, that wish has been granted. Miyokos also makes vegan mozzarella, cream cheese, and butter and has new, upcoming products like cheddar and pepper jack. So fear not, cheese-lovers; Miyokos will make a convert out of you. 

Miyoko's Cheese


Nuggs: Who doesn't like Chicken Nuggets? It is one of the oldest and most popular food items in the world. Nobody in their mind would ever say no to chicken nuggets. Well, that just became easier for all the vegans out there. These non-chicken nuggets are made using a pea-protein base, along with different ingredients and seasonings to create that perfect crispy coating and tender, chewy interior we all know and love. If you're a nugget lover, get on the Nuggs train!



Amy's Kitchen Frozen Pizzas: Amy's Kitchen was one of the trailblazers of the vegan movement. Dedicated to bringing the same restaurant-like taste to the public, they have made massive progress over the years. The company truly knows its stuff, especially in the frozen pizza department. These frozen pizzas are so amazingly delicious that you'll never notice the difference. Moreover, they're 100% vegan, which implies that your health is also taken care of. And Amy's has tons of other products as well, like burritos, bowls, pasta, and more.

Amy's Kitchen Frozen Pizzas


Lightlife Smart Bacon: For many people, bacon is the best breakfast and the most preferred. However, the health issues they cause and the amount of brutality towards pigs are concerning. Lightlife has done a commendable job in trying to replace the same using plant-based ingredients. Ts Smart Bacon is exceptionally crunchy, and the bacon flavor is pretty much spot-on. And since it's plant-based, it is so much better for you with no nitrates and no cholesterol. Nothing can replace real bacon, but we genuinely need to make sacrifices for a healthier planet, healthier us, and healthier pigs.

Lightlife Smart Bacon


Trader Joe's Tofu: Tofu is a staple for any vegetarian or vegan diet. Since it doesn't contain any animal-based ingredients, it is a perfect part of any vegan recipe and a brilliant replacement for cottage-cheese. Trader Joe's has some exquisite vegan options, and its tofu is the top-selling product. Their Sriracha flavored tofu is an absolute steal, full of flavor and filling. The taste and texture of all its tofus are excellent, so it's a great introduction to the world of tofu if you're diving in.

Trader Joe's Tofu


Blue Skies: 2021 is blessed with a brand new range of fruit ice creams which are 100% plant-based. Sometimes, ice cream is too big a temptation to avoid. Thus, things are much easier for vegans now with the brand new collection of Blue Skies ice cream.  Available in three flavors – Mango and Passion Fruit, Chocolate and Orange and Simply Coconut – Blue Skies experts carefully grow, hand-pick and cut the fruit, before churning it with coconut milk (also picked and cut by hand) at source. It goes straight from tree, to tub, to you. 

Blue Skies


The Happy Pear: David and Stephen Flynn started The Happy Pear in Ireland in 2004 to inspire the community to create a happier, healthier world, and to make healthy food and living accessible to everybody. For the first time, the range is now available exclusively in Waitrose stores. The Happy Pear range includes four dips and two ready-meal dishes, made without any artificial preservatives, colors or flavorings.

The Happy Pear


Sacla: Mayonnaise is a common part of any meal, especially in the US. It is also a brilliant spread for sandwiches and burgers, which happen to be popular all over the world. However, it is egg-based and hence, unsuitable for vegans. But with Sacla's new Free from Mayonnaise, egg is eliminated completely along with dairy and gluten. It tastes absolutely the same as any normal mayonnaise. The new recipe is made with potato protein, sunflower oil and lemon juice and is completely vegan friendly, and egg, gluten, and dairy free.



Due to the coming of so many plant-based food products, their prices are projected to go down. Thus, many of you vegan lovers can get your favorite products for cheap. 

Replacing a few animal-based products can be challenging, but that doesn't mean it won't ever arrive. Be patient and let the vegan industry do its work. We are hopeful  that suitable replacements will arrive in the market shortly.

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