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Article: Is Katy Perry Ready To Go Vegan Along With Her Dog?

Is Katy Perry Ready To Go Vegan Along With Her Dog
Vegan Diet

Is Katy Perry Ready To Go Vegan Along With Her Dog?

More and more people are emerging as the savior for animals. Katy Perry, renowned artist and performer, revealed that she's going 100% vegan very soon on her Twitter. She has been transitioning to a plant-based diet for over a year. Additionally, she mentioned that her dog, Nugget is also set to convert to veganism. 

Taking a positive outlook on life, Perry recently revealed that she wants 'to continue to be open to better,' which appears to make significant changes to her diet and lifestyle by going vegan.

In 2019, Perry was part of a group of celebrity investors who helped plant-based company Impossible Foods raise $300 million in a Series E funding round. Some of the other celebrities in this group were Serena Williams, Jay-Z, Trevor Noah, Jaden Smith, and 

The 36-year-old singer is supposedly a massive fan of Impossible Burgers. She even promotes their products on her social media from time to time. According to numerous sources, she satisfied her pregnancy cravings with the plant-based burger. She got hooked to many other plant-based products before giving birth.



Moreover, she also told her fans in March 2020 on Instagram, "Not really into red meat, but thank God for Impossible Burger because that basically tastes like red meat and when I do want it, I do that." Katy has been sharing some delicious vegan meals on Instagram recently. 

Furthermore, she is ever grateful to be blessed with such an abundance of plant-based products to consume. For the past four months, Perry has been transitioning towards a 100% plant-based diet. Additionally, she has even been working more towards animal rights and eliminating animal brutality. Ever since giving birth, she has become a responsible person, caring towards the environment, health, and that of animals.

Can dogs go vegan?



Perry isn't the only one in the family going vegan either, as she hinted that her beloved pooch Nugget has also been enjoying a more plant-based diet alongside her. She told her followers that "My dog Nugget has been joining me on this journey for the past 4 months", which induced a debate among her followers. Can dogs also go vegan? While many have responded with positive comments, many are concerned if her dog will survive on a meatless diet. Since most dogs require meat regularly for their best health, it may not be wise.

However, numerous animal journals have stated that cats and dogs can survive and thrive on a plant-based diet. The key is to plan your dog's diet well and ensure that all the nutritional needs are always being met. An excellent way to do this is to consult your vet. With the right care, many - but not all - dogs can thrive on plant-based food. 

Many of us don't realize the amount of meat a dog demands. According to some surveys, pets eat a staggering 30 percent of the meat consumed in the US. Thus, by shifting our pets to a vegan diet, we can boost the global movement of eliminating animal brutality. 30% is a significant enough margin to consider this particular idea. However, numerous pets require meat in their daily meal. Hence, it wouldn't be the best move for some specific pets.

best move for some specific pets


Perry is not the first celebrity to transition her dog to a plant-based diet. In June, world champion race car driver, and fellow vegan, Lewis Hamilton revealed that his dog Roscoe is vegan and "super happy." Moreover, the plant-based diet also helped his dog overcome numerous ailments he was suffering from. We shall soon find out what will happen to Nugget after going vegan. Only time will tell if Perry made the right decision.

Comments and Criticism

Comments and Criticism


Although her fans are ecstatic about her conversion, there aren't all positive comments on the news. Many people have voiced their concern about Perry's dog also going vegan. Some of the other people are spreading rumors that it was a publicity decision. Meat lovers once again have expressed their disappointment after yet another celebrity has shifted to the plant-based side. Moreover, the whole of Twitter and Instagram has responded to Katy Perry's decision in less than 48 hours. 

The most significant criticism on social media that has come out is about her dog Nugget. Numerous fans have expressed their annoyance at the sight of a dog going vegan. They have also mentioned in their comments that it is animal cruelty not to feed dogs meat. One fan wrote- "Katy I love you but forcing your dog to be vegan is animal abuse I don't care what anyone says". PETA, of course, chimed in with a comment under Perry's tweet, congratulating her and Nugget both and recommending vegan dog foods.

Daniella Dos Santos, the president of the British Veterinary Association (BVA), told the BBC: "In the UK, under the Animal Welfare Act the owner has the obligation to feed the animal an appropriate diet. If your personal belief system means you don't want to eat any animal protein, that's fine, but that diet is not designed to meet the welfare standards of your pet."

Daniella Dos Santos


Whatever her fans say, she has truly made a brave move by going plant-based. She has followed in the footsteps of numerous other celebrities who have thrived under the vegan regime. Moreover, she has also inspired many of her fans to take the big step towards veganism. Even though the decision to involve Nugget might be controversial, Perry's fans will have to trust her in the end.

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