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Article: 10 Cool Vegan Stores In US

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10 Cool Vegan Stores In US

No doubt veganism is at its pinnacle, that’s why more and more vegan stores are popping up everywhere. These days people love living a plant-based lifestyle. Many have become vegan to address environmental and ethical issues that arise due to the consumption and use of animal products.

If you have not turned into a complete vegan, but prefer to shop products that are vegan, then this list is for you. Here we have highlighted top vegan retail stores that are located around the US, where you can get your desired vegan products.

These can be your one-stop shop for vegan products whether it's groceries or clothing.

1. Vejii:



It is a new online marketplace where you can shop your favorite vegan products.You get to choose from the wide range of products and they also deliver products within 2 business days. 

It offers food, vitamins, beauty and skincare products , even home supplies and accessories under one roof.

2. Plant Based Grocery:

Plant Based Grocery


It started in 2015 as a plant-based grocery store and now has evolved to an e-commerce online grocery store. They ship all around the US.They closely work with small companies and their small batch goodies. Here you can find that vegan item that you have been looking for a long time.

You get food, vitamins, supplements and apparel . Yes they all are 100% vegan.

3. Vegan Bodega , New York City:

Vegan Bodega


They bring the natural world to their neighbourhood.  It was started by Nicole Berrie and is stocked with baking supplies and spices to fresh juices, prepared salads and sandwiches, cosmetics and beauty supplies.

You will get Monk’s Meat, Barry’s Tempeh, Gone Pie , Sweet& Sara, rescue Chocolate to name some. Online delivery is currently unavailable though you can pick up.

4. Ralphs:



Ralphs is another division of Kroger Co. Their motive is to be there when their customers need them.

You can find popular plant-based brands like Gardein, Sweet Earth, Follow your heart and Tofurky here.Moreover, it’s your one-stop shop for groceries, meat products, bakery, gluten-free products and Vitamins and supplements. Their motive is to be there whenever their customers need them.

5. Nooch Vegan Market, Denver, Colorado:

Nooch Vegan Market


You will get 100% vegan groceries,snacks,body care, accessories and more here.The store is located at Ellsworth & Broadway in Denver, Colorado.Check out their specialities bacony chipotle creamy cashew spread, products from the Herbivorous Butcher, coconut bacon, and more.

6. Vegan chic:

Vegan chic


It is a place where fashion meets compassion. Their aim is to bring vegan fashion into daily wear. This venture was started by two animal lovers Mark and Vessela. You get to choose from budget-friendly handmade designer shoes ,bags and  accessories.All products are cruelty-free and PETA approved.

7. Vegan essentials: 

Vegan essentials


Your search for quality and cruelty -free groceries and Vitamins and natural therapeutics end here at vegan essentials.It was founded by Courtney and Ryan..They have been catering to the vegan needs of the people and work around the clock to deliver the orders.

8. Modcloth:



It is an online retailer of  indie and unique, vintage -inspired designs that are timeless and flatter every body type.. It was founded in 200 by Susan Gregg Koger, Eric Koger, and  headquartered in Los Angeles with a joint office/fulfillment center in Pittsburgh.

Next time when you want to shop for vegan clothes and accessories check them out.

9. Giant food: 

Giant food


Giant Food is headquartered in Landover, Md. and operates 163 supermarkets in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware

You will get major plant-based brands like Boca, Quorn and Ark foods here at Giant food. They are stocked with everything you need starting from breakfast to dinner.

It is awarded with the Best Overall Merchandising award for using prominent aisle signage and shelf tags that use inclusive ‘plant-based’ language by GFI.

10. Sweet to Lick: Long Island, NY:

Sweet to LickPC:

It’s Long island ‘s first vegan market, located in Williston. Their specialties include Violife cheese, cakes, teas ,sandwiches like Hulk Smash, Thai curry Hero and Herbivorous Butcher products. 

It also has a vegan bakery where the owner plans to work with a dietitian to advise the shoppers on planning their vegan diets.

Now, as a vegan you don’t have to look here and there for vegan stuff, you can easily get your favorites at these stores.

So that was our list of the top vegan stores in the US, if you want to add some feel free to share with us.

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