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Article: 5 Minutes With A Vegan Founder - The Five Vegans

Five Vegans
Vegan Food

5 Minutes With A Vegan Founder - The Five Vegans

Five Vegans is a Vegan Online  Store based in Perth, Australia. They are a 100% Vegan retailer. They offer a wide range of vegan and cruelty free products. Sam is the founder of Five Vegans, Mum of three and passionate animal welfare champion. We love what Sam does for animals and helping the vegan community and others to find vegan products easily. We were lucky to ask few questions about Five Vegans and let's dive into that - 

Five Vegans

1. Can you introduce yourself and The Five Vegans ?

Hi I’m Sam. My husband Craig and I run Five Vegans. We have been vegan for 4 years.  Previous to this we were both long term vegetarians for ethical reasons.  It was only after watching the documentary “What the health” that our eyes were opened to the health implications as well as the animal cruelty inherent in the dairy and egg industries.  Once seeing the truth we knew we had to change and became vegan.

We are parents to three thriving vegan children. Our name “Five Vegans” is named after the five members of our family. Our young children are part of our motivation for building a kinder, more ethical world.

Sam & Craig

2. How were The Five Vegans born? When did you start?

The idea for the business was born in 2019 when we noticed there was a limited number of online vegan businesses in Australia.  The website was launched in September 2020. Our aim is to be able to help others on their vegan journey and provide alternatives to the products they may be missing. We also want to help the animals and our planet which desperately need people to change the way they do things. 

Five Vegans

3. What makes your store different? Can you explain your products in detail?

Our store is different in that we place customer satisfaction and involvement as our main priority. We like to keep in touch with customers, if they wish, and help them in any way we can with their vegan ethical journey.

Everything in our store is guaranteed to be 100% vegan.  We encourage customers to let us know what products that have not been found in a vegan version and we will do our best to source it for them.

Our flagship product is the Aussie Mystery Box.  The mystery box is a selection of vegan food products all made in Australia proudly supporting Australian businesses in this time of need. The proceeds from each box sold ($10) are donated to an animal charity.  The charity changes every month so that we can help a variety of charities. 

We also aim to be as environmentally friendly with our postage and packing as possible.  We avoid the use of plastics such as bubble wrap and use sticky tape that is landfill biodegradable. We try to reuse all our suppliers' packaging material to reduce as much waste as possible.

4. What reactions do you get from customers? Do they love your products?

So far we have had nothing but positive feedback from all of our customers.  We have regular customers who come back time and time again to purchase from us.  We have even received a personal handwritten letter from a customer detailing his personal story on how he became vegan. Receiving this letter has been such a highlight of our business endeavours and shows the kind of customer interaction we want to have. We have met some of our customers in person and we love hearing their stories. We never want to be a faceless business.


5. What is your mission and future goals you want to achieve ?

Our mission is to help as many people as possible obtain all the products they need to live a fully vegan lifestyle. We intend to expand our range to include many more items always looking for new and innovative cruelty free products.  Our future goal is to generate a large amount of funds for animal charities with the sale of our mystery boxes and other campaigns.

We aim to source as many products as we can that are made in Australia.  We want to support local businesses as well as reduce the environmental impacts of having products shipped from overseas.

We would love to Thank Sam & Craig for their dedication and effort towards the welfare of animals. Five Vegans is one of LA ENVIRO stockists and has our vegan wallets and vegan belts in stock. We appreciate their support and wish them well in future endeavors.

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