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Article: 5 Minutes with a Vegan Founder - The Vegan Town

The Vegan Town
Vegan Online Store

5 Minutes with a Vegan Founder - The Vegan Town

The Vegan Town is a Vegan Online Store based in the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. They are a 100% Vegan retailer established in 2019. They offer a wide range of vegan products and information about plant based lifestyle. We love what they do for animals and helping the vegan community and others to find vegan products easily. We were lucky to ask few questions with founder Carissa and let's dive into that - 

Can you introduce yourself and The Vegan Town?

Hi, we are Carissa and Carol, from The Vegan Town, an online vegan store operating from the Gold Coast, Queensland. We are a mother and daughter team, with two happy vegan helpers Zephyr (13yrs) and Harley (8yrs).

The Vegan Town

How was The Vegan Town born? When did you start?  

The Vegan Town started in April 2019 as a hub for those interested in making the transition to veganism.  We named our company ‘The Vegan Town’ with a vision of bringing people together and providing a space where people could find products to replace their non-vegan products and access information and resources to guide their journey.  

What makes The Vegan Town different? Can you explain your products with details?

The Vegan Town was created to provide an online space for people interested in learning more about living a vegan and plant-based lifestyle. We offer a wide range of vegan products, information and resources including recipes, a ‘what’s on’ section highlighting vegan events across Australia, and a link to vegan and vegetarian restaurants (offering vegan meals) across Australia. 

We are passionate about raising awareness of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and the spreading the vegan message of compassion and kindness to all living beings. 

Vegan Town

Our store offers a large range of cruelty free products incorporating a few main categories, all consisting of well-known and ethical brands such as LA ENVIRO, Amazonia, Eco Tan, Weleda and many more. We have access to thousands of amazing products and are selective in our choices based on overall demand, brand vision, fair trade, and safe ingredients. An overview of our product categories follows below: 

Health & Packaged Food Products

Pantry items: such as nuts, seeds, hemp, oils and other cooking ingredients & meal kits.
Snacks: such as vegan chips, chocolates, lollies, protein bars and other grab ‘n go products.
Protein powders, nutritional supplements, drinks and natural remedies

Vegan Beauty Products

Hair care such as shampoo, conditioner, dye, brushes, combs and treatments. 
Skincare such as body wash, lotion, serums, tanning, soaps, sunscreen + more.
Make-up including foundations, blush, lipstick, mascara, remover, brushes and tools etc.
Toiletries such as bamboo toothbrushes, natural toothpaste, shaving kits & personal hygiene items

Eco Home Products

Bamboo cutlery sets, reusable drink bottles, compostable waste bags, food wraps and storage containers, reusable straws, cups, tumblers and coffee mugs

Fashion Items

Boutique style vegan luxury vegan watches, wallets and purses.

Vegan Watches


Sustainable toys, wipes and nappies, amber teething bracelets & necklaces, pacifiers + more

What reactions do you get from customers? Do they love your products?

We have built a community of loyal customers from a variety of backgrounds including vegans and those who are health conscious and vegan and plant-based curious. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and welcoming environment to all and offer a high standard of customer service. 

Our customers frequently comment that we really are a friendly and approachable business. We truly value our customers and this is reflected in our interactions with them. 


What is the mission of The Vegan Town and future goals you want to achieve?

Our mantra: ‘Cruelty Free, Eco Friendly and Healthy You’ encompasses our mission to guide consumers towards adopting a more compassionate, healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyle. To assist with this aim we have teamed up with well-established and reputable companies offering a broad range of vegan products.   

We are excited by the direction of our company and look forward to expanding our range of vegan products and services. We will also be increasing our range to include ethical clothing and shoes in the near future.  

We have lots of ideas and plans including opening our first physical store and partnering with local and international animal sanctuaries. Our intention is to raise awareness of the work of the animal sanctuaries and to raise funds to support the animals.

Mission of The Vegan Town

The Vegan Town is doing wonderful work and are one of 10 cool vegan stores in Australia. They are one of LA ENVIRO stockists and have our vegan wallets, vegan purses and vegan watches in stock. We just want to Thank You the amazing team of The Vegan Town.

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