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Article: 10 Cool Vegan Stores in the UK

10 Cool Vegan Stores in UK

10 Cool Vegan Stores in the UK

Veganism is making a buzz everywhere, so how can UK be behind. 46.4% of UK people have adopted a vegan diet due to its immense health benefits. The UK meat substitute market is worth over 400 million euros that’s why new investors are finding ways to invest in the vegan market.

That brings to the rise of more and more vegan stores in the UK. The UK has become one of the vegan-friendly countries where you can find a lot of vegan stuff, starting from groceries to luxury vegan watches.

There are many popular vegan stores out here in the UK. If you are not aware of these, let’s guide you so that you can choose the right one for yourself.

Vegan Essentials :

Vegan essentials


 This vegan store was set up  in 1997 and now it has become the longest -operating cruelty-free retailer in the US. It was founded by Courtney and Ryan.

You can get all vegan stuff under one roof here. Moreover, you can shop freely, knowing that you will get the real vegan stuff here, as the products go through intensive check. For 20 years they have built the trust of the consumers by using their money in the right cause i.e. to support the vegan community.

They work round the clock and deliver the order faster. For any query, they are just a call or email away.

Wearth London :

Wearth London


One stop destination for eco friendly must -haves. It was launched in 2017, and now partners with 250 independent UK brands. It was founded by two young minds named Imogen and Ed. Their aim is to promote ethical and environmentally -friendly living through their products.

You can get natural beauty products, jewellery made from recycled silver . Plus, you can shop a wide range of sustainable products on their online marketplace. On Wearth ,you can buy products that are made in the UK directly. In addition to this, 80% of their products are UK made.

Starting from  great fashion pieces , beauty products to homeware all are vegan and cruelty free. Moreover, you can check vegan gift items for your friends and family here. They prefer environmentally friendly postage packaging and use a minimum amount of plastic in their packaging.

Shop Vegan :

Shop Vegan


It  is part of the Green Valley Trading Company that is an established online retailer of natural health products. Green Valley Trading CO. was founded in 1999 and all their range of products meet the ethical standard i.e they are vegan and cruelty-free. Their aim is to expand their range of cruelty-free products .

You get a wide range of health and beauty vegan products to choose from.

Alternative Store :

Alternative Store


This is a family run vegan health food store that is run by vegans. Their mission is to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle . Their products such as food, drinks, footwear, clothes are all vegan. Alternative stores was  voted ‘Best Vegan Store ‘ in the Vegan Awards UK in 2017&2019.

Everything on their shelf is vegan, diary free, gluten free, soy free lactose and egg free. They are always on the lookout for best vegan products and update their inventory weekly. You can find products that are hard to find in the supermarkets. 

In case, they don’t have the one you are looking for , you can simply ask them to stock it.

 They deliver in most parts of the UK and you will find their online store stocked with great vegan products . You can try them out for your next vegan order. 

The Vegankind Supermarket :

The Vegankind Supermarket


Experience 100% vegan online shopping here at TheVeganKind Supermarket. They offer a wide range of over 5,000 vegan and cruelty free products and offer free shipping.

It could be your one stop destination for vegan cheese, cruelty free makeup, amazing gifts, clothing and much more. All they want to inspire the world to be kind and go vegan.They also donate money to animal related charities and so far they donated over £30,000. 

It was founded by Karris and Scott. Karris became vegan after watching a video on YouTube that showcased how male chicks were ground alive .After this, she started eliminating animal products from her diet . 

On the other hand Scott, after the Karris turning vegan, Scott became more aware of the torture the egg and diary industry faces. Later on ,he started spending time choosing what to eat and avoid.

Vegan Store :

Vegan Store


It was the UK’s first independent online retailer of vegan products. Since 2000, it has been shipping vegan products across the UK, Australia, America and Far East. Their aim is to bring the best and latest vegan products from overseas too. Vegan store has partnered with Golden Crunch, Super Fudgio, Claran Smarties and more.

In 2002, they launched their first vegan white chocolate . Later in 2004, their first vegan marshmallows.

You can find Vegan Store products worldwide in their stores. Do check out their store and online marketplace,you will  probably find all your favorites here.

Dashvegan :



Dashvegan is a vegan food delivery service that provides great quality , gluten free, vegan food in Nottingham and surrounding areas . It is run by a long term passionate vegan

They deliver food via VDelivery and their site. You will get top-quality vegan brands here. They want to make tasty and wholesome vegan and gluten free food accessible to everyone. They have custom made hampers for all your needs.. Your search for quality vegan food ends here.

GreenBay :



It's an independent London based startup. They are passionate in making vegan the new normal and vegan lifestyle easily available to everyone.Founded in 2015,you can select from vegan meats to over 90 dairy-free cheeses, cruelty-free cosmetics, cleaning supplies and exclusive items. 

They have both physical & online stores. You get access to an entire range of vegan goodies and plant-based products here . So get ready to shop, you will get your order next day as they offer Free Next Day UK -Wide delivery.

Ferron :



It’s a European designer handbag luxury brand having a wide range of chic and signature collection of bags. With their luxurious finish , these bags can surely win any heart.

They started their business venture in 2018/19 and the idea behind it was , they wanted to be creative and invest in cruelty-free products without compromising on quality.

How FERRON started?

As animal lovers, they learnt about the horrific impact that the fashion industry has on poor animals and the environment. They decided to work on cruelty-free resources that fulfill the fashion requirement yet doesn’t harm animals and nature in any way . 

FERRON means “iron -grey hair, one who is habitually dressed in grey. Moreover, the iconic elephant logo not only showcases the love for animals but also their support for wildlife protection projects such as Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and elephant orphanage in Kenya. Furthermore , it is also a statement against cruelty in fashion.

Little Shop Of Vegans :

Little Shop Of Vegans


It is a small, independent shop that is run by Rachel in Norwich, Norfolk. They sell a wide  range of vegan products such as chilled food, frozen pizza, confectionery , gifts , clothing, even zero waste toiletries  and more .Currently they are delivering locally in Norwich, so keep this in mind while placing your order.

So these were popular vegan stores in the UK where you can find quality and a wide range of vegan products. Check them out and let us know your favorite. Do share your shopping experience with us.

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