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Article: Everything about Pineapple Leather AKA Pinatex

Everything about Pineapple Leather AKA Pinatex
Pineapple Watches

Everything about Pineapple Leather AKA Pinatex

You might have come around the term Pinatex a lot these days. Well, it is one of the best substitutes for animal leather. No animal is killed or subjected to any chemicals during pineapple leather processing.

Many companies who refrain from using animal leather for their products and want to go vegan are resorting to Pineapple Leather. 

Dr Carmen Hijosa is the developer of Pineapple Leather aka Pinatex. Pinatex was presented in the Royal College of Art in London at a PhD graduate exhibition. Ananas Anam Ltd., which is Carmen's company, are also the manufacturers of Pinatex. So, let's know more about Pinatex.

What is Pinatex?

What is Pinatex


It is a sustainable alternative to  animal leather. Pinatex comes from the cellulose fibres we extract from pineapple leaves. It also comes from the cellulose fibres we remove from resin (petroleum-based) and polylactic acid.

What goes into the process of Pinatex production?

The pineapple industry produces a whopping forty thousand tonnes of pineapple leaf waste yearly. They either let the leaves rot or burn them. Out of the trash, 480 leaves are sufficient to create one square meter of Pinatex. The process starts by felting the fibres of the leaves from a pineapple. Altogether, it makes a non-woven substrate.

Furthermore, the pineapple farmers segregate the long leaves because it additionally benefits them as they can use it as a fertilizer. Pinatex production does not need extra land or water. It is natural, and there is no use of harmful chemicals and wastage like in animal leather.

Process of Pinatex Production

What are the properties of Pinatex?

You can produce Pinatex in many colours and finishes. According to reviews, Pinatex is softer and has a more leather-like texture than other commonly used leathers. It is not biodegradable, and the wear and tear depend on the age and how the person uses it.

Why should we use Pinatex?

To start with, Pinatex reduces waste production to a surprisingly large extent. Not only that, but it creates an additional income source for the pineapple farmers.

More than 250 toxic chemicals are used during the manufacturing of standard leather. There is no doubt that it dramatically damages our environment. There is no use of such harmful substances during Pinatex production. All in all, the environmental impact is not detrimental when it comes to Pinatex.

Comparison: Pineapple Leather and Animal Leather

There are many notable differences between Pineapple Leather and animal leather. Pineapple Leather is highly sustainable, has an equally high quality, and is eco-friendly. It emits way less carbon dioxide, and as mentioned earlier, the environmental impact is better than that of animal leather.

Pinatex also gets brownie points in terms of ethics. There is no harm imposed on animals or humans during the process of manufacturing Pineapple Leather

Applications of Pineapple Leather

Because of Pineapple Leather sustainability, more and more brands are resorting to it with time. Sustenance is a massive concern in leather production. Pineapple Leather is a vegan product, which is also why many vegan companies consider Pineapple Leather as its first option for leather.

It is highly versatile; therefore, it can be used for anything, ranging from minor watch straps to huge jackets. Many companies, like Puma, use Pinatex in an attempt to reduce the effect on the environment.

Soon, more industries and companies will be resorting to Pinatex, since its growth is on a positive scale. For example, the car industry has started using Pinatex for its interior. Let's see some products that use Pinatex.




Shoes need to be highly durable, which is why leather quality and durability are of the utmost importance. If the leather can undergo this test, people can use it for any other fashion product. Puma recently released a collection that uses Pineapple Leather, and it has received numerous positive reviews. The German Luxury house Hugo boss also launched its vegan shoe collection.




Leather jackets are probably the coolest clothing item. Many brands have started using Pineapple Leather for manufacturing their leather jackets. One such brand that uses Pinatex is Altiir.


Although watches are relatively small, leather is essential for the straps. Many vegan watch companies are using Pinatex. Pineapple Leather is not only eco-friendly, but has a fantastic texture as well.

LA ENVIRO, uses Pineapple Leather for their watches. Let look at some of the amazing pineapple leather watch collection :

Pineapple Leather Silver With White /Black Strap I 40 MM



This pineapple leather silver watch with white/BLACK strap is made of 316L stainless steel having dial size 40MM. It’s water and scratch resistance. Purely vegan and cruelty free piece. Comes with an interchangeable strap and 2 years warranty.

Another pineapple leather classy timepiece. 

pineapple leather silver watch

You can also change the look of your usual watch by clipping on pinatex straps . It's available at LA ENVIRO.

These vegan watch strap come with clip release pins so that you change the strap with ease.

vegan straps


Pineapple watches look awesome. Moreover, it feels incredible to wear a timepiece for which no animal had to suffer. 

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