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Article: Have You Ever Thought About How Going Vegan Affects Your Skin?

Vegan affects your skin
Vegan Diets

Have You Ever Thought About How Going Vegan Affects Your Skin?

Ever wondered why some people's skin glows naturally. Well, for this you need to go deep down and dig out their secret. It’s gotta be a good diet, rich in antioxidants and vegan skincare products. 

Well, a good vegan skincare routine contributes to a radiant glow, but the real transformation comes from a rich and healthy diet.

Whatever you eat, reflects on your skin. So, the better you eat, the stronger and better in shape you look.

A vegan diet is full of nutrition and antioxidants which is needed to get that healthy skin, free of acne and blemishes. It includes a plant-based diet deprived of dairy products like milk and honey.

Vegan diet

Veganism is all about mindful choices and overall well being.

A few years back, it was not easy to follow the veganism bandwagon because limited vegan food choices were available. Now, things have changed and many people are moving towards the vegan lifestyle

Many celebs like Billie Eilish and Natalie Portman have seen an amazing improvement in their skin by going vegan and cutting out dairy from their diet. 

vegan lifestyle

PC - Harper's Bazaar

vegan lifestyle

PC -Vanity fair 

According to Vegan society, meat substitute sales grew by 451% in the European market in four years to Feb 2018. Also, many vegan beauty brands have come up and gained hype.

In the blog, let’s know how vegan food and lifestyle can benefit you.

Benefits of switching to vegan?

Benefits of switching to vegan

Slows ageing process: Vegan diet which is rich in antioxidants reduces zit formation and gives that healthy glow to your skin. Antioxidants scavenge free radicals and prevent damage to cells and tissues.

It decreases inflammation and promotes collagen synthesis, gives more elasticity to the skin, and hence reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Plant-based food contains 33 times more antioxidants than meat products, according to an article by NCBI. 

Keeps acne at bay: 

Keeps acne at bay

If your skin is prone to acne then cutting dairy can help you combat your acne woes. Some studies suggest that hormones that are present in the cow’s milk are to be blamed.

These stimulate growth in calves and when humans ingest them, they release insulin, which leads to acne.

Take care of the oily skin :

Take care of the oily skin

Flaxseeds can help in improving the appearance of the skin as it reduces clogged pores and balances oil production, according to an article by NCBI. 

Improves eczema:

Improves eczema

A vegan diet has been proven to help people with eczema, which is a condition where skin patches become inflamed and cracked. According to Healthline, studies have shown that raw, vegan diets can be very beneficial.

Treats Psoriasis:

Treats Psoriasis

As per the dietitian Deirdre Earls, RD, LD. A plant-based diet is low in inflammatory food so it can help in psoriasis. TV personality Kim Kardashain’s revealed on her sister's Kourtney Kardashian's website Poosh, about her battle with Psoriasis and how switching to a vegan diet helped her.

Apart from taking care of your skin woes, you can also contribute towards the environment. The rearing of livestock for human consumption is the major culprit of global warming.

You can contribute to the environment by making healthy choices.

Skincare is like nutrition to the skin and can bring immeasurable to the skin.

Yes, you are not going to see wonders in a day, but by following a vegan diet and skincare regime, surely you are going to see a lot of difference in your skin.

vegan diet and skincare regime

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