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Article: Vegan Jewellery For Women is a New Sensation in the Vegan Industry

Vegan jewellery for Women

Vegan Jewellery For Women is a New Sensation in the Vegan Industry


Not only your food, but your jewellery can be vegan too. Yes , you heard that right!

The public has become conscious about their choices when it comes to food, clothing, and products they use. As per research by Ipsos Mori in 2014 ,80% of the population said that ethical standards of the brand mattered to them.  This has made many businesses change their business policies and opt for sustainable and ethical products.

Jewellery industry had been in the bad light because of environment and child labor in the gold mining industry. But , as things are progressing, there's a whole revolution coming up in the jewellery industry too.  First, let's talk about animal products that are used in the jewellery making 

How animal products are used in jewellery making?

You will be surprised to know that often jewellery is made of non-vegan materials.

Leather, silk, pearls, shells, coral, fur, hair, feathers are used in jewellery making.

Products like beeswax and glue are used for gluing. Moreover, brushes and buffing wheels used to polish jewellery contain animal hair. To get that patina effect animal fat and eggs are used.

Also, metals and gemstones mined are not considered vegan because they cause environmental damage.

What is vegan jewellery?

On the other hand, vegan jewellery is 100% cruelty-free. Also, the tools and substances used in the manufacturing process are vegan too.

What vegan jewellery is made from?

It's made of recycled silver and gold. These can be easily recycled and reused to create jewellery. Next comes vegan leather, pineapple, and cactus leaves. To add on, coffee grounds, apple peels, hemp twine, waxed linen, and black rubber are used for bands and necklaces.

Why choose vegan jewellery over non-vegan?

jewellery is something that makes you stand out. As a vegan, you will feel special, and responsible that not only clothes, your jewellery is vegan too. And who knows, someday you might inspire others to embrace Veganism.

LA ENVIRO can be your stop shop when it comes to vegan accessories and now vegan jewellery too. We have recently launched vegan jewellery in Australia.



This rose gold and white bracelet is beautifully crafted to win the hearts of the minimals out there. It is made of 100 % stainless steel and steel is the most sustainable and recyclable metal.

The bracelet is available in three sizes-small, medium, large. This beauty is priced at $40



This bracelet is perfect for your casual outfits. Also, wearing something ethical and sustainable on your wrist will delight you. Priced at $35 and available in three sizes.



Who doesn't like gold and especially when it's so subtle and minimalist? Perfect for those candlelights and dinner parties. Priced at $35.



You can’t miss out on this beauty. It’s a versatile piece of all. This will complement any outfit of yours and will make a statement too.

Get this beauty at $35. Available in three sizes and vegan.

Hope you liked our latest vegan designer jewellery collection. You can check out our vegan wallets, cross body bags and JP wallets, and vegan belts too. We have always been ethical about the products we offer. All our products are vegan and 100% cruelty-free.

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