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Article: Vegan - The Next Big Thing in the Fashion Industry


Vegan - The Next Big Thing in the Fashion Industry

A few years ago, whenever we used to hear the word vegan, we would picture an animal lover who prefers a plant-based diet. Some really found such a lifestyle boring. 

But, the definition of vegan has changed. And, it's no longer mundane. 

Big food brands like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Hungry Jack’s have started serving their customers' good vegan options.

 ‘Veganism’ is the new upcoming trend that people are adopting to live a sustainable life.


Raising animals for food leads to an environmental crisis, similarly using animal skin in the fashion industry too.

Today’s consumer has become conscious of what they eat and what they wear.

 It is not just the food industry where animal-free items are in demand, but in the fashion industry, it's becoming a vogue. Fashion brands are using sustainable and recycled material for their clothing.

People are looking for high-end yet sustainable options when it comes to fashion. Looking at the scenario, the fashion industry is moving to Vegan fashion.

the fashion industry

What is Vegan Fashion?

Vegan Fashion refers to clothing and accessories that are made up of cruelty-free sources. Moreover, no animals are involved in the making as well as testing of the product.

This market is niche-oriented, but amidst this, it’s been welcomed by people worldwide. Big countries like the US, UK, France, and Germany are investing a lot in the vegan market. 

According to Edited, France shows a 12% growth, but Paris being the fashion capital is committed to becoming the capital of sustainable fashion by 2024. Also, Denmark is keeping an eye on this growing segment and has seen a 320% increase in vegan products.

The beauty and footwear market is investing the most. Lately, you might have seen many cruelty-free cosmetic brands come into the picture. All the vegan items launched in the UK last year, 82% belonged to the beauty category. Also, the beauty sector contributed 40% of vegan products in the US and 62% in Germany last year.

Vegan Fashion

The footwear industry and other accessories industries like luxury watches, bags, wallets are also catching up.

Aa per Forbes, Rebecca Mink founded Mink shoes while working as a celebrity wardrobe stylist. In 2018, she sold over 10,000 pairs of shoes and earned a gross profit of $1.6 million and sales over 3.5 million. 

Mink shoes


Now, you can well imagine how much potential vegan industry has. Luxury fashion brand Stella McCartney has always been vegan. Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, and Versace, the major luxury brands have said no to the fur in 2018.

 Well, vegan fashion is becoming the next favorite of the big designers and they are joining the bandwagon.

If you are already a vegan or planning to be one, remember you have many designers and luxurious options to choose from. 

To start off with, luxury vegan watches and wallets, Laenviro offers a wide range.

vegan luxury watches

We offer non leather watches, but they look elegant and classy and nothing less than a luxury leather watch. 

It’s time to be an eco-conscious buyer and invest in the vegan industry. This way you will be able to help the planet and show some care to the animals.

vegan industry

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