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Article: Why buy from Vegan brand LA ENVIRO ?

Why buy from Vegan brand LA ENVIRO ?

Why buy from Vegan brand LA ENVIRO ?

There are many ways you can help others or do good in the world.

You can donate money to various causes. You can stop using single use plastic to reduce pollution. You can help people and support them emotionally. You can buy from local business owners to support your local community.

All these things are great. But what if you could do all of the above, just by supporting a specific kind of business like LA ENVIRO.

First of all, what is  special about LA ENVIRO?

LA ENVIRO is a vegan brand that sells vegan watches, wallets and handbags. We do not harm the animals and all our products are made from vegan leather. LA ENVIRO is only vegan leather purse brands who also sells vegan leather watches in Australia and worldwide.

Veganism is on the rise as more people want to give the vegan lifestyle a go. Vegan brands like LA ENVIRO help people to achieve that lifestyle with ease and style.

Below are some of the reasons why:

1) Committed to Save Our Planet

With animal agriculture being the leading cause of extinction of many species, deforestation, ocean dead zones, water pollution and consumption, we need to change our habits.

By supporting LA ENVIRO and buying vegan leather purse or handbags or watches, you’re saving water, land (and not to mention, animals lives).
Don’t think it matters?

Vegan leather is much more sustainable for our planet in the long run as compared to traditional leather.

2) Ethical Brand

In this world of fast fashion, LA ENVIRO pride itself as being an ethical brand. All our products are sourced ethically and we visit our suppliers multiple times each year to do audits and make sure our workers are well looked after and work in fair working conditions.

Vegan leather purse brands
Multinational corporations continue to replace hundreds of thousands of small businesses, shopkeepers and farmers that traditionally generate most economic activity and employment. Because big firms, unlike small ones, can pressurise the governments to reduce environmental and labour restrictions on the activities of corporations.

3) Fashion with Purpose

LA ENVIRO is a very dedicated business because we are passionate about what we do and have a purpose!

Our mission is to make the world a better place, saving animal’s lives, and saving the environment.

We use recycled plastic lining in all our bags to reduce the pollution caused by plastic bottles. All our vegan handbags are handmade to reduce carbon footprint.
By supporting us you know that we’re not just there to make money. We have a bigger vision and a bigger purpose. And your money will be in good hands. We donate over 10% of every sale to various charities or causes all around the globe.

4) We are Saving Animals from Leather Industry

Vegan leather watch womens
Every year over billions of animals are being killed to please our taste buds or in the name of fashion.

Many people probably are unaware about the horrific treatment of the animals in the traditional leather industry. Many of these animals endure all the horrors of factory farming—including extreme crowding and confinement, deprivation, and unanesthetized castration, branding, and tail-docking—as well as cruel treatment during transport and slaughter.

The cosmetics industry also still heavily relies on testing their products on animals before they go out into the market. Many of these animals suffer horrible rashes, lose their limbs or eyesight, or die.

By buying vegan leather watches or purses or handbags from LA ENVIRO you give these animals a chance to have a real life.

Vegan leather watch womens
So, if you are looking for vegan leather purse brands or vegan leather watches in Australia or worldwide…..just remember LA ENVIRO.

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