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Article: Your Complete Guide to a Men's Belt

Your Complete Guide to a Men's Belt
Best Vegan Belts

Your Complete Guide to a Men's Belt

We men often tend to ignore the value of an accessory called a belt. Some of us think it is merely a thing that holds the trouser in place.

Yet, belts can make or break your entire outfit. Two or three classic color belts keep lying in our wardrobe, and we tend to pair them with our every outfit.

But, this is where things go wrong. A classic black belt cannot go with every outfit of yours. You need to stock up your closet with a wider variety of stylish belts.

A classic belt is the sign of a polished man. He knows how to put his outfit together and yet look stylish. The moment you get the wrong belt in place, you drive all the eyes to your belly. This can make you uncomfortable, especially if you have some fat stored around there.

So, why give anyone a chance to stare at your belly, instead choose a belt that compliments your outfit.

So let's help you in understanding belts in depth.

What are belts?

Belts are nothing but an item that uses tension to hold up your pants. Some belts are basic and others can be decorative and stylish.

The belt has a buckle, strap, and keeper loop. In some belts, the strap and the buckle are joined together. However, in some, they can be taken apart. The part of the buckle that joins the strap is called a chape. Moreover, the keeper loop stops the belt from flapping around and gives it a polished look.

Different types of belt buckles:

  • Frame style
  • Box frame style
  • Ring style
  • Plate style
  • D ring
  • Box out buckle
  • Snap buckle
  • Micro-adjustable buckle

Types of Belts

Belts are of two types: classic or casual. Classic belts can be worn with something classy such as suits and your formal attire. They are made of leather. Whereas, casual belts are your go-to belts and can be worn with any casual outfit. They come in different colors and materials such as wool. Polyester, leather, nylon, and more.

Strap Material Used :

Leather and others ( Vinyl, polyester, faux leather, rope, webbing, canvas)

Cowhide is the most common leather used for making belts.

But the irony is, the leather industry is cruel, and we don’t know how many animals are being tortured to procure leather. On the other hand, vegan leather is cruelty-free.

Vegan leather is often made from polyurethane and sustainable materials such as pineapple leaves, cork, apple peels, other fruit waste, and recycled plastic. Vegan belts look nothing less than leather belts.

Here are our best-selling vegan belts.

JP Men’s Belt | Black

Vegan Belt

JP Men’s Belt | Brown

Best Vegan Belt

JP Men’s Belt | Tan

Vegan Belt Australia

How to pick the right size belt?

The first thing before buying a belt is knowing your correct belt size. Don't go for belts that are too long or too short.

Whenever you try a belt, lookout for a few inches on the left that can be pushed to your remaining loop. Your go-to belt should be a bit larger than your waist size.

Pick the right size belt which compliments your outfit. Pro-tip -try to match your belt with your shirt or your shoes. Yet, if you are unsure, go for a black or brown belt.

Next time you go belt shopping, consider these points and get yourself the perfect one.

Feel free to check out our JP Men’s Vegan Belt Collection. The collection is named after Joaquin Phoenix who is an actor and animal activist.

At LA ENVIRO, you can shop belts ranging from classic to casual pieces. Shop vegan and support us in this noble cause. Together let’s be responsible children of our mother earth.

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