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Article: Top 7 Vegan Wines That You Need To Try!

Vegan Wines
Vegan Food

Top 7 Vegan Wines That You Need To Try!

Are you aware that every wine is not vegan? You might be thinking that wine is usually made up of fermented grapes so, how can it not be vegan?

This blog will be an eye-opener to many of you. So, let us dive in and get to know more about the wine we sip.

An unrefined young wine looks cloudy. Winemakers clarify the wine using fine agents which act as magnets that remove the extra bits from the wine. Also, wine producers use egg whites, milk casein, gelatin, beeswax, and agglomerated corks.

After processing, wine appears crystal clear white or deep red. But, no need to get alarmed by this. Vegan wines are out there ,all you need to do is look out for them.

What are vegan wines?

In vegan wines, winemakers use mineral and plant-based fining agents such as bentonite, plant casein. Unfiltered wine might taste a little different from the filtered one.

1. Reveilo Nero d'Avola:



They have gone vegan in 2019. Don't miss their red wine made by using Sicilian grape Nero d’Avola. Wine is bold and spicy with a hint of smokiness that makes it perfect for tangy pasta and salads.

2. Sensi Vegante Chianti Superiore:

Sensi Vegante Chianti Superiore


No animal product is used during the processing. Potato protein is used for clarifying. This wine has a fruity flavor that compliments grilled vegetables and other vegan food.

3. Kara Tara Pinot Noir 2019: South Africa:

Kara Tara Pinot Noir


The name “Kara- Tara” comes from a small town near Knysna located in South Africa. The winemaker is Rüdger van Wyk. The wine comes from South Africa's Elgin Valley. Wine is fresh and tastes amazing.

4. See No Evil Organic Rosé, 2019, Multi-regional (South Australia):

See No Evil Organic Ros


Grapes are sourced from certified organic vineyards. The wine is enriched with Grenache, Shiraz, and a bit of ruby cabernet. Along with this watermelon, rose petals, red berries, and cream is also added.

5. Sutton Grange Winery Fairbank Rosé, 2019, Bendigo:

Sutton Grange Winery Fairbank Rosé


Sutton Grange is known for its structured and sophisticated wines. Salmon -tinted blend of organic syrah ,and bursts of wild strawberry, cranberry, and burnt orange will awaken your senses.  All you need is good sunshine to enjoy this glass of wine.

6. Stefano Lubiana Brut Reserve, NV, Derwent Valley (Tas):

Stefano Lubiana Brut Reserve


Steve and Monique Lubiana are the producers of this elegant and sparkling wine. A blend of estate-grown chardonnay, pinot noir with crunchy red apples, lemon rind, and honey is worth trying. This sparkling wine is perfect to make a noise on your special celebration and will be easy on your pocket too.

Dog Point Vineyards, New Zealand:

Dog Point Vineyards


It is one of the oldest and largest organic certified vineyards of NewZealand. Their must have is citrus-driven Sauvignon Blanc. Enjoy the Marlborough style along with juicy and refreshing flavours.

Hope we have covered your favorites, if not,  feel free to share the one you like with your vegan friends here!

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