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Article: 5 Things You Should Know About the Pride Month

5 Things You Should Know About the Pride Month

5 Things You Should Know About the Pride Month

It's June 2020. And despite the havoc that Covid19 is playing with the world, there is some solid spirit that again rejoices in its existence. Yes, it’s Pride Month. But, mind you, it’s not just about a parade. It’s much more; so much more about the history, the struggle, the present, and the future of the LGBTQ(IA) community. 

So, we thought that we’ll bring you 5 things that you should know about Pride Month. 

  • Why is June the Chosen Month?

  • Why is June the Chosen Month

    June is the famous month when the Stonewall riots occurred. These were the protests that caused a metamorphosis for gay rights in America and later the world over. 

    On June 28, 1969 (the year that no one forgets), a gay bar in Greenwich Village, New York, known as the Stonewall Inn was raided by the police. Customers were hauled outside while the bar patrons resisted the arrests. The bystanders, who were large in number, started hurling bottles and coins at the police officers. This incident turned into a full-fledged 3-day riot when the suppressed gay community in the neighborhood joined in. 

    This spurred on many movements by organizations such as the Gay Liberation Front, Gay Activists Alliance, etc., which became instrumental in holding the leaders accountable for the riots. The next year, America saw its first Gay Pride march. 

  • Who Celebrates Pride?

  • Who Celebrates Pride?

    Everyone who feels that their sexual orientation isn’t identified as mainstream (LGBTQIA) may join. Pride sees many straight people too, though.

  • Why Is It Called Pride?

  • Well, to begin with, these just marched as they were more militant than celebratory in nature. But the 1980s and 1990s witnessed a sharp decline in militancy. The structure moved towards a parade and the spirit became that of pride, thanks to the Mother of Pride. 

  • Who is the Mother of Pride that We Celebrate?

  • Surprisingly, the Mother of Pride was not gay but bisexual. Brenda Howard was a lifelong militant activist for the cause. The title "Mother of Pride'' was given to her as she championed the organizing of Christopher Street Liberation Day March. She is also the one credited with laying the basis for the weeklong Pride celebration, the likes of what we see today. 

  • Why the Rainbow Flag?

  • Why the Rainbow Flag

    The rainbow flag signifies many things in one. Each color has something it represents.

    Hot pink - Sexuality

    Red - Life 

    Orange - Healing 

    Yellow - Sunlight 

    Green - Nature 

    Turquoise - Magic, Art 

    Indigo - Serenity, Harmony

    Violet - Spirit

    Later, two stripes were dropped for mass production and we got what we have today, a six-stripe rainbow flag. And there is a subset of flags which is used to represent other sexualities pansexual, asexual, and bisexual.

    The original Pride flag flew for the first time in San Francisco in 1978 at the Gay Freedom Day Parade. Gilbert Baker was the designer. The first-ever two flags were hand-dyed and stitched by as many as thirty volunteers. 

    LA ENVIRO wishes you a happy Pride Month!

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