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Article: A Step ahead of Vegan Fashion - Charity for Animals

A Step ahead of Vegan Fashion—Charity for Animals
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A Step ahead of Vegan Fashion - Charity for Animals

When it comes to doing good, there is nothing like “too much good.” They say that everyone lives for themselves, but life is worthy of living if you live it for someone else too. And that is why charity prevails; the great feeling of being able to do good for others prevails. At LA ENVIRO, charity is a part of life. So, as we further the cause of vegan fashion, we also make sure that we are making the lives of needy animals better through charity. 

Vegan Fashion Is Not Enough

Vegan fashion is something that is an integral part of the vegan way of life, supporting the premise that only a vegan diet doesn’t alone define veganism. 

Our brand aims to extend the boundaries of this way of life and give animals the place, the respect, and the freedom that they deserve. LA ENVIRO’s vegan handbags, purses, wallets, and watches aim to create a wave of ethical, sustainable fashion in Australia and Worldwide. Apart from being vegan, we also encourage sustainability by including recycled raw materials. 

Vegan Fashion

But, we don’t stop there because just vegan fashion isn’t enough, especially at a time like this when a fatal virus has rocked the entire world’s economy. Stray cows are perhaps the worst affected. Most often there is no one to even offer them food, leave alone attending to their medical needs. 

So, We Step ahead!

As a practice, we donate to multiple animal welfare organizations across the globe. 

And we saw that in so many parts of the world cows and bulls are left astray after they grow old. We noticed that this was a huge problem for the poor animals in India where beef isn’t a staple like in the west, but dairy is. So, once cows stop milking and bulls breeding, they are abandoned. While it’s not the case with every cow or bull owner, but the country being so populous, the problem becomes rampant.

So, we thought that we’d do our bit. We decided to donate to a cow shelter in north India, and help the organization cater to stray cows and bulls with food, shelter, and basic medical attention. 

Here’s a short video of our volunteers visiting a cow shelter that we have been associated with for some time now. 

Why you Matter here

While we have always made sure that charity remains a part of our setup, whether or not our sales are looking up, for example right now in the face of the pandemic, we also ensure that a part of our sales goes to charity. 

We have pledged to donate at least 10% of the proceeds from our product sales for the greater good of humankind and the animal kind. 

So, when you buy any of our vegan leather purse brands, watches, handbags, wallets in Australia, or in any part of the world, remember you are doing a doubly good deed. 

Buy a LA ENVIRO product today and be a part of the greater good. 

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