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Article: Top 5 Vegan Sneakers 2020

Vegan Sneakers 2020

Top 5 Vegan Sneakers 2020

With the changing season, the people look for the new fashion and style, and in their list, the footwear occupies the top position. 

In all such demands, the summer season is often accompanied by more and more demand for sneakers. Sneakers look fashionable and at the same time give you a cozy look. 

But while shopping we often overlook the eco-friendliness of the sneakers we wear. Most of the time opting and putting on something created by harming another living being can’t be the source of your happiness. 

So, If you too are looking ahead to buy sneakers, then look ahead to get the eco-friendly vegan sneakers.  

With the growing awareness among people about veganism and to stop over-exploitation of the environment, there are many brands that are involved in manufacturing vegan sneakers. 

In this document, we will discuss the top 5 vegan sneakers brands of 2020. 

  • Thousand Fell

Thousand Fell

PC -

Thousand Fell, the popular vegan sneakers brand based in Brazil & New York City are manufactured using recycled rubber and bottles

Thousand Fell

PC -

Along with this, it is made with natural materials like coconut husk, palm leaf fibers, and quartz

Buy these recycled and zero-waste footwear and give yourself a comfy look without compromising your style and beauty. 

  • Nothing New

Nothing New

PC - Nothing New

Created with an objective of spreading eco-friendliness, the Nothing New sneakers are created from plastic waste and other recycled material. 

The laces of sneakers are made of post-consumer plastic and the heels of the shoes are carved out of the post-industrial recycled fishing nets. Apart from this, the company uses the rubber and cork for the outsoles. 

This innovative idea of creation saves up to 160 gallons of water as compared to other regular sneakers. Along with the practice of sustainability, it helps in offering people with the anti-microbial, comfortable, and odor-resistant sneakers for the cozy feel. 

  • Ethletic


PC - Ethletic

Other sustainable vegan sneakers Ethletic is made from cruelty-free products. 

Carved out of the Fairtrade cotton and natural vegan leather entered the market in 2010 after getting certification with the Fairtrade seal who trade fairly organic cotton. 

These sneakers with little additional sporty look have ventilation holes due to the natural rubber latex that allows the fresh air to get in. 

  • Purple Impression

Purple Impression

PC- Purple Impression

Other popular vegan sneakers manufactured using organic cotton and sustainably harvested natural rubber introduced in the year 2013. 

Born and Grown with an objective of putting the positive impact on fashion and 

Women’s empowerment is not only working to end the cruelty for animals but also forcing a change in the women’s development through its action. 

  • Dope Kicks Sneakers

Dope Kicks Sneakers

PC -

The brand that introduced the first waterproof and biodegradable vegan sneakers manufactured them using the cannabis hemp. 

It is carved out of the hemp-fiber. This natural material uses less water than cotton to grow and thus is the best option to practice sustainable development. 

Since it uses the natural super-material and sustainable cork for insoles the final product is flexible and durable which gives your feet a comfortable feel. 

Wrapping Up

So here we end up with the 5 best vegan sneakers brands that give you the comfy feel without exploiting other animals and the environment in anyways. 

Over the years, the animals are being exploited by humans to meet their basic needs and for footwear, it accounts much more than you can even imagine. Not only, the animals being exploited but the leather products prepared using their skin consumed a lot of energy to breakdown thus exploiting and harming the environment as well. 

On the other hand, synthetic and vegan sneakers hardly impact the environment. Many top brands are adopting innovative ways to upcycle plastic waste to convert them into sneakers. 

Being vegan should not be limited to the food and other products, let’s stop all the cruelty by practicing sustainability and veganism.

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