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Article: Veganism VS Coronavirus

Veganism VS Coronavirus
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Veganism VS Coronavirus

In the past mankind has always relied on animals for food, clothing, transport and many other things. Recently with the rise of veganism, people come to know about the brutal treatment of animals in the name of fashion, food or even medicines. The world is changing and Veganism is growing day by day. Vegans and even non-vegans are opting for plant-based diets and people are more inclined to buy cruelty-free products. 

There are so many vegan brands like LA ENVIRO who are providing buyers with vegan wallets, vegan handbags and vegan leather watches Australia and Worldwide. Plant-based Vegan meat brands like impossible foods are backed by celebrity investors like Jay-Z, Ruby Rose, and Serena Williams and provide people with delicious plant-based food. 

But now the world has a bigger problem known as Coronavirus or COVID-19. Lets first learn more about Coronavirus in detail.


What is Coronavirus or COVID-19 disease?

Coronavirus (COVID -19) is a group of viruses that normally cause mild illness, with symptoms similar to a common cold. It can also cause severe diseases like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

Common signs can include a fever, respiratory symptoms, fatigue, cough, shortness of breath. 

In severe cases, Coronavirus can be fatal.

How to protect yourself and others?

Standard recommendations to prevent COVID - 19 includes washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 22 seconds, covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and avoiding touching your nose, eyes, and mouth.

Keep social distancing to over 1.5 meters and do not attend mass gatherings. If possible, stay at home and avoid any unnecessary travel. Eat plant-based food and lots of green vegetables and fruits to build your immunity. 

Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of fever or respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.

outbreak start

How did the outbreak start?

It is believed that it all started in Wuhan, which is in the Hubei Province of China with a population of over 11 million. Severe pneumonia cases were reported on New Year’s Eve 2019 which were linked back to the “wet market” in the city of Wuhan which sold both dead and live animals including snakes, rabbits, fish, and birds. 

Coronaviruses are known to transmit from animals to humans, so it’s believed by a team of virologists at the Wuhan Institute for Virology that the first people infected with the Coronavirus – a group primarily made up of stallholders from the Wuhan market – contracted it from contact with animals.

The origin of Coronavirus is still unknown but the probability is that it started from wild animals and transmitted to humans. Thus, it gives us a good point to stop eating animals and adopt a healthy plant-based diet.

coronavirus spread

How is coronavirus spread?

Coronavirus spreads from person to person through close contacts. When a person coughs or sneezes, they release droplets that contain the virus. When people come in contact with these droplets and touch their faces, eyes or nose they become infected. 

This is the reason why we need to make sure we maintain social distancing and keep cleaning our hands or use personal protective equipment.

cure for the coronavirus

Is there a cure for the coronavirus?

There is no specific treatment or medicine to prevent or treat coronavirus disease. 

If you have mild symptoms then you need to drink lots of liquids, self-isolate, rest and sleep.

In severe cases, people may need supportive care to help them breathe. They should contact the nearest medical center and get the necessary medical care.

Importance of Veganism - 

Coronavirus has spread all over the world and people are dying every day. Most countries are going into lockdowns and governments are urging people to stay at home and be safe. People are scared and the economy is on the brink to collapse.

It is not confirmed but there is a lot of evidence that Coronavirus disease has transmitted from animals to humans. 

We need to protect ourselves and our society from these unnecessary events and adopting a vegan lifestyle can really help. 

We need to start eating plant-based food to keep ourselves healthy and stay away from these diseases. It also protects these animals from all the pain and suffering. It costs us nothing to be nice to these animals and making small changes to our lifestyle.

We urge everyone to take precautions, eat healthy, stay inside and be safe. We will overcome Coronavirus together and the day is not far away. 

Just remember this beautiful quote by Confucius-

 “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” - Confucius

greatest glory

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