Why Are Brands that Sell Vegan Bags in Australia Sustainable?

For an awful lot of people in this world, veganism seems to be just a fad, for others, it is a way of diet. While the first notion is so wrong on so many levels, the second is very myopic. Veganism extends to one’s way of life rather than just a fad or a diet. A vegan mindset is a sustainable mindset if you look at the larger picture. Brands that offer vegan bags and watches in Australia cater to such a market that is more human and favors sustainability. 

But using the word “sustainable” doesn’t make it sustainable. There are certain criteria that make it truly sustainable. Here is what makes brands that sell non leather watches and purses sustainability. 

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Truly Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Now, veganism does not only mean that we don’t use animal products, but also that we hurt no animals in the process of sourcing, production, as well as delivery.  Brands that are sustainable ensure that they promote sustainability of the ecology and every living being that constitutes it. 

So, veganism in its true sense means the absence of cruelty in all aspects. If the vegan leather purse brands you are buying from ensuring such ethical treatment, they are way better than those who not only use animal parts for making fashion products but also test their products on them. 

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Ethical Sourcing

Ethical sourcing means that nobody; neither animals nor humans were treated unethically at the place of origin of the raw material, at the place of processing and production and at any unit related to the entire process of getting non-leather watches and purses to the market. 

Sustainable Material

Sustainable Material

The use of recycled and recyclable material is one of the best things a brand can do in the direction of achieving sustainability. Natural materials like cotton, hemp, etc., or fabrics made from recycled materials make for a perfect choice. 

At LA ENVIRO, for example, we use recycled plastic bottles to make the lining of our bags and purses. Brands that do not do so put the animal life to great danger with the unreliable polymers that are disposed into the dumps. 

Short Carbon Footprint

Short Carbon Footprint

If you are buying vegan bags Australia, you are actually reducing your carbon footprint. With products that are made with animal leather, the carbon footprint in key processes of skinning, tanning, and making leather generates such a long carbon footprint as you can’t even imagine. 

Vegan leather purse brands again trump the struggle to reclaim the balance in nature and sustain a better planet. 


Time to Opt for Brands that Sell Vegan Bags in Australia

As it may be already too late to start making efforts for making and using sustainable fashion, no effort is too small. As the fashion industry tries to turn sustainability, it is also up to the consumers to go the vegan way. 

If you too wish to be a part of the revolution, start with buying from LA ENVIRO. If you wish to know more about us and our product line visit our website www.laenviro.com or email us at info@laenviro.com